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Home is where your pet is...

Comforting Veterinary Care at Home.

Why In-Home Pet Care?

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You don't have to worry about how your pet is going to behave in the clinic setting – barking, pulling at the end of a leash, hissing, biting, and scratching! 


If you're worried about having to lift your immobile dog into the car, or stuffing your cat in a carrier, you don't have too!  IN-HOME pet care give owners like you peace of mind by providing quality care for your pet right in the comfort of their own home.  

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Jennifer A Stewart DVM

Meet Dr.  Jennifer Stewart

Hi, I'm Dr. Jen.  I love bonding with our clients and their pets!  Providing quality care, and helping our patients and families through challenging illnesses is rewarding and sometimes heartbreaking, but the relationship we develop with these families is so important that I feel I will never retire! 


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Petting a White Cat


Wellness care is all of the preventive care that is performed for an animal to keep it “Well”.  Annual bloodwork and urinalysis, examinations, vaccinations are included. Almost every pet prefers in home visits for wellness care!

At the Vet


We provide treatments for IV antibiotics, fluid administration for animals who are dehydrated, therapeutic laser for wound treatment or arthritis care, and bandage changes. 

Yawning Cat


Most owners are appreciative of being trained on the correct techniques for brushing their pets and monitoring for changes.  Teeth cleaning is done under anesthesia at a private hospital location.

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Routine surgeries of spay, neuter, mass removal, abdominal exploratories for removing an object your pet may have swallowed can done by Dr. Stewart and her staff.  Orthopedic procedures (knees, hips, fractures) are typically referred to specialty surgeons for care. 

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Much like people with neurologic or orthopedic injury, animals need pain management and supervised treatments and exercises to get them back to normal or near normal function.  We utilize therapeutic laser, acupuncture, and ultrasound therapy for muscle care to get critters active and comfortable again!

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Acupuncture is the use of small needles to stimulate release of endorphins and other small molecules that moderate a pain response and speed healing of neurologic injury. Acupuncture is not magic but neuroanatomy in order to get nerves talking again. 

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One of the most important things we do!  Mitigating the pain in your companion is of utmost importance to our crew.  We team pharmacology with massage, acupuncture and therapeutic laser for the best healing options and elimination of pain.

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Alleviating stress, pain and attending to a patients needs as they advance to an inevitable end is an important task for our crew.  Keeping their appetite and feeding their souls, as well as that of their parents, is incredibly important to us.  This service may mean nutrition counseling, advanced and alternative pain techniques, and advanced planning for end of life.  

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A decision to put a treasured pet to sleep is not an easy one.  We help provide profound pain relief and sedation to alleviate anxiety leading up to the final intravenous injection.  When owners are involved in the decision, including the location in the home or outside of the home (it can be at a favorite hiking location, etc), they gain comfort in observing the pet finally at peace even though it is still tragic. 


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"I have two cats, [and] set up a house call appointment. Recently I noticed that Vader, the older of the two, was having some hearing issues, neither of these cats travel well so I called Dr. Jennifer A. Stewart Dvm to setup a house call appointment. I love that she offers this! The team showed up and the experience was great! They did everything you would do at a check up visit at the vet at my house.....too cool!


Sooooo much nicer then trying to get them into the car and to the vet. No pre or post drama. Pets don't smell like the vet and you can get them calmed quickly because they feel secure at home. They took fabulous care of my cats!"

~ Bridget A.


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