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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

And do pet's and clients actually appreciate this?


The call usually begins with, “Hi, my name is “xyz” and I was referred to you by “my friend” or, “I saw your car” and we want to know more about what you do.We provide almost all veterinary care inside of your home.

The most important thing to know is that anything that can be done in an examination room or treatment room of a veterinary hospital can be done in the home—and almost always to a better satisfaction of the pet and the owner.

Dogs and cats and bunnies are usually calmer at home and the owners get to see as much or as little as they want to so that they can better understand, and we can explain more completely, what has happened or what will happen or what can be avoided in the future for each pet.

The Doctor Bag

What can be done?

Vaccinations, blood draws, cystocentesis, urinalysis, nail trims, anal sac expression, fine needle aspirates, skin scrapings, a complete physical examination including ocular examination of the entire eye with retina, glaucoma screening, blood pressure reading, EKG, blood sugar testing, minor procedures, acupuncture, therapeutic laser for orthopedic, neurologic conditions and wound healing.

What animals appreciate this?

Large dogs (excitable or not); (actually any size dog); and most cats. Be sure to read the instructions on how to prepare your cat for our home visit.

And also the instructions on how to get your cat to accept a carrier—and even more important, how to place your cat in a carrier because some day, no matter what, you will need to pull that dusty thing down to use it.

What clients appreciate this service?

Busy moms and dads with active families, mature clients and seniors that may have special requirements when handling their pets. We have a number of clients in assisted living apartments with cats and dogs.

Some of our clients work from home and appreciate the flexibility that they don’t have to be present for the examination to be conducted and allows them to finish conference calls and answer emails while we work.

Wait…What’s that? You come to me to take care of my pets?


Don’t you have a big truck that I have to drag them out to?

No, we do the entire examination inside your home, yard or patio.

Wait…my house is too messy, I will be embarrassed.

Really? We don’t have time to inspect your home so don’t be afraid!

There are things however that may be important for us to point out to you as safety features however.

Well, my dog loves to go anywhere in the car, I don’t really need you to come to me.

Actually, most of our clients find it a huge time saving feature in their lives to have us come to them.

Busy families with lots of responsibilities and overlapping work schedules make it hard to get to the veterinary appointment, whereas when we come to you, we fit into YOUR schedule.

So, convenience, complete veterinary care, a great environment for your pet to relax rather than be frightened of the veterinarian, and accommodating of your needs—all this and a fun visit when you chose mobile veterinary care in your home with Ranch House Veterinary & Rehabilitation Services, compassionate care—at HOME.


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